Ronnie Breezmon

Ronnie's talents begins with playing sax, that began at the age of 10.  His keyboards, percussion, singer/songwriter, audio/video production abilities have formed later down his life's musical path, along with other various instruments.  His music ranges in the genres of R&B, Fusion, Ambient, and Gospel. However, his endeavors do not limit him to just the audio side of this industry. He is networking to position FireRock to become a player in the audio/video side of production in the areas of music for games, movies, and advertisement to mention just a few.

Ronnie is networked through other sites online such as iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, and many others. You can also checkout Ronnie's My Space site at, or, and join the friends list.

With international connections in place and Love O Love in at least 8 countries that we are aware of, FireRock Records is truly intrenched to become a player in the global market.